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Friday fave and fail. . .

This whole holiday weekend really threw me off.  I really don’t have an excuse.  So let’s just talk about the makeup. :)


Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Custom Bronzer Ultra Glam Bombshell Glow

photo 5

Longest. Name. Ever.

After the Phame Expo last weekend my friend and I stopped into Ulta.  I picked up this bronzer for a few reasons.

1. It had a $5.00 off coupon attached to it.

2. The packaging was pretty. (I’m such a sucker)

3. I  had another $2.50 off coupon.

4. It was on sale.

All legitimate reasons, right?  I just can’t with the glittery highlighters/bronzers.  There’s a big difference between a luminous glow and straight up glitter on your face.  Ugh. No. If you use is sparingly, you can use it as a light bronzer.  But no.  Just no.


I have two favorites this week.  I’ll try and contain my excitement.

OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss in Aurora

photo 1-4


OCC stands for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  They are famous for their lip tars, which can be as scary as they sound.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re amazing, but they can be a little intense. They’re super pigmented and amazing products.  OCC came out with lip tar glosses which in my mind are the less scary version of the lip tars.  They are awesome! So gorgeous. I love this color so much.  If you can get your hands on any of the colors, you definitely should.  Just saying.

Cindy-Lou Manizer by the Balm

photo 4

First of all, I love the name.  It’s just cute.  I love the product too.  It’s a gorgeous highlighter than unlike the Physicians Formula one, isn’t glitter all over your cheeks.  Her sister, Mary-Lou Manizer has somewhat of a cult following (if that’s possible for a highlighter) and people seem to be obsessed with it.  I however prefer Cindy-Lou.  I think it’s just a matter of skin tone as this one is more of a pinky color.  If you like more of a gold highlighter then go for Mary-Lou.  You can’t really go wrong with either.

My final thought for the week. . .

photo 3-1

Hope everyone has a great week! xo

<3 TKP

Friday fave(s) without the fail. . .

Okay.  I know.  It’s not Friday.  I totally dropped the ball.  This weekend I went to the Phame Expo with my good friend.   These kinds of things are a lot of fun, because you get to buy discounted products and meet people who share your love of makeup.  What more could you ask for? I learned a lot this weekend and this post is gonna a little different than the typical Friday Fave post.  Keep reading. <3


Makeup Geek Makeup

This weekend Marlena, the makeup geek, had a booth at the expo. I didn’t get to see her again, but I did pick up a few more of her products.  I love her eyeshadows.  I have a lot. A lot.  A few of my favorites are Bada Bing, Cosmopolitan and Prom Night.  I can’t even begin to explain their amazingness. If you haven’t tried them, you should. I love the fact that she is a self made entrepreneur.  She is also a very nice, sweet and genuine person.  <3


This picture is from when we met in January at IMATS.  <3



This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and Nic Chapman, the founders of Pixiwoo.  I won’t go into their whole life story, but they are extremely talented makeup artists who have managed to build and create an empire.  Their Real Techniques brushes are great, if you’re looking to add some new brushes to your collection.  The one thing I have always admired about them, (besides their amazing makeup skills) is their “be yourself” attitude.  Listening to them speak was such an inspiration.  Sam and Nic really reinforced the importance of not only being yourself, but doing what you love.  You’re always going to face negativity, adversity and self doubt.  But if you remain true to yourself and what you’re passionate about,  you’ll have a much easier (and happier) time making it through the day.  Let’s be real, not everyone has the opportunity to make a career out of something they love.  If anything these sisters made me think a little bit  and gave me a little bit of inspiration for the future.  For now I’ll stick with the whole “lawyer by day” gig.  But, I’m gonna do it my way - even if that means glitter nail polish in the courtroom and lots of lipgloss. ;)


They were so amazing in person.  Plus, I love love their accents. <3

Hope everyone has a great week!  I have a lot of fun stuff that I will be posting about soon.

<3 TKP

Friday fave and fail. . .

This has been a fun week.  I had a day off in the middle of the week which is always exciting. I started the week irritable (sorry, friends) but I think I snapped out of it. :)   I have two products  (technically, neither are makeup) that tied for my favorite of the week, and no fails.  I’ll save the negativity for another day.  xo

Fave #1

Sephora Formula X Nail Polish in Loose Cannon

photo 1-3

I went to Sephora last weekend, and they were having a sale on nail polish.  Exciting! I love the Formula X polishes but hate (hate hate) spending $12.50.  Seems a little ridiculous.  50% off? UM. Obviously.

I was debating (for an unnecessarily long time . . .let’s be real, it’s nail polish, not a military operation) about which color I wanted, and finally decided on this one.  It’s more of a winter/fall color (probably why it was on sale), but I don’t care.  I love it.  I wore it the other day over regular black nail polish.  It’s so pretty.  I tried to take a picture of it on my nails but it was just not working for me.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Fave #2

Bath and Body Work Coconut Lime Breeze Body Cream

photo 2-6

Another sale.  If you haven’t been to Bath and Body Works recently, now is the time.  The semi-annual sale is amazing.  I don’t know if it’s nostalgia (I used to work there in high school), but I love Bath and Body Works so much.  I love their candles, wallflowers and even the portable scents for your car.  I grabbed this on a whim right when I was checking out.  It smells SO good.  It’s clean and very refreshing.  If you like coconut at all, this is for you.  I am a big fan of body butters.  I hate watery lotions.  This is basically a body butter in a bottle. If you need a new body lotion, this might be your new best friend. <3

Have a happy weekend! :)

<3 TKP





They’re Real. . .

Eyeliner.  It’s my thing.  Well, any kind of makeup is my thing.  Let’s be real.  The other day I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Benefit: They’re Real Push-Up Liner in the mail courtesy of Macy’s.  I’d like to think it’s because someone important at Macy’s reads my blog.  Yeah. Right.  I’m pretty sure the reason is that they track what you buy via your Macy’s card and they know I’m a makeup junkie.  Apparently I’m a “VIP.” Sure I am.

photo 1-26

I’ve been trying this eyeliner for the past week, and wanted to share my thoughts.

photo 2-5

I am in love with the formula.  It’s creamy, black, pigmented and waterproof.  This stuff will not come off.  Make sure you have a good makeup remover handy before applying.  The packaging is a click up pen that dispenses the gel liner through the rubber tip.  The shape and size of the tip makes application a breeze.  It really does make it super easy to create the perfect winged liner.  The downside: it’s not quite as simple as click and go.  You have to wipe off (and waste) a lot of the product, or you’ll be left with a goopy mess on your eyeball.  Not cute.  If you want to see what I’m talking about in more detail. . .watch the video. :)

photo 2-18

The eyeliner will be available in July.  It will be available at Sephora and on the Benefit website.  I definitely think it’s worth a try, especially if you are in need of a waterproof formula.  If you struggle with eyeliner, the applicator makes it super easy.  Just remember to wipe off the excess (either on a tissue or the back of your hand) before application.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

<3 TKP

Friday fave and fail. . .

And. . .it’s the weekend! WOO. I have been trying out a few new products this week.  Of course, I have to tell you what I think about them.


Lorac 3 in 1 Waterproof Eyeliner 

photo 1-2

Ugh.  I wanted to like this.  Nope.  It’s not very pigmented and it’s DRY.  You have to press down pretty hard to get any color payoff.  Pushing hard on your eyeballs just doesn’t seem like a good idea.  FAIL. Save your money and get the Rimmel or the NYC black liners.  Much much much better.  This came in a set with a few other things which I actually like.  Don’t worry, I’ll talk about those at a later date – whether you want to hear about it or not. ;)


NYX Butter Lip Gloss in Apple Strudel

photo 2-4

Coral/Orange lips are in.  This color is SO pretty.  It’s just the right amount of coral without the whole “whoa, I’m wearing orange lipstick” feeling.  I love the texture and the consistency.  It’s not TOO sticky, but enough where it lasts for more than 30 seconds.  Plus, it’s relatively cheap @ less than $5.00.  They have tons of different colors if you’re not a fan of this one.  You can never have too much lipgloss, right? Try it. Why not?

Has anyone else tried these? Tell me.  Please! I wanna know!

Have a fantastic weekend! ::HUGS::

<3 TKP

The Stanley Cup and some liquid eyeliner. . .

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with liquid eyeliner.  Sometimes it looks beautiful and sometimes, it’s a hot mess.  Last night I was watching this video by Lisa Eldridge featuring Alexa Chung.  Love them both.  It gave me a bit of inspiration this morning to bust out the liquid liner.  Friday the 13th = black cat eye.  Just me?  It went better than expected and I even got some compliments.  Score.  The look lasted through the day and through the 4+ hour long Kings game.  Which btw, I have been a Kings fan since I was a kid.  You can ask my sister.  I had a MAJOR crush on Rob Blake.  Don’t judge.  Yay for the Stanley Cup.  Anyway, back to the eyeliner. I used the Stila Waterproof Liquid Liner .  It’s by far my favorite liquid liner.  It’s not too watery, and the tip is perfection.  It dries quickly so it doesn’t transfer on your upper eye lid if you blink too soon.  The key to eyeliner is practice – and watching lots of tutorials. Give it some time. You will get the hang of it. You can do it.

photo 1-24

My friends and I went out to watch the game.  Clearly the people behind us weren’t as excited as we were.  You can kinda see my eyeliner.  (Okay, not really.  But it’s a nice picture. . .)

Hope everyone had a great week and of course, GO KINGS GO!

<3 TKP

Friday fave and fail. . .

So this pretty much sums up my week: I broke out in a rash.  On my face. Ugh.  Awhile ago my sister gave me a bunch of free samples.  Makeup samples and skin care samples.  Swoon.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing them all.  They’ve all been amazing – until I broke out in a rash.  In court.  It was either stress or the face cream.  I’m gonna blame the cream, which is my fail of the week.


3lab H Serum 

photo 2-3

First of all, this cream is $225.00.  Yes.  Two hundred and twenty five dollars. Seriously.  Ridiculous, right?

You can read all about it on their website, but it essentially says it’s “hormone replacement for your skin.” In my case, it’s a rash in the middle of the day. On my face.  Okay, I’m being a little dramatic but it made me break out in a red itchy rash around my mouth.  I know it’s the cream because it’s the only thing that I’ve changed in my skin care routine.  It went away after a few days, but it was red and itchy.  Not okay.


Radical Skincare Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum

photo 1-1

This stuff is slightly cheaper at $190.  What. The. Heck?! Like I said, I didn’t buy either of these.  I just used the free samples.  This stuff is liquid gold.  I love it so much.  It makes your skin feel amazing.  I have used a lot of serums and creams and never really feel like I can notice a visible difference.  This stuff.  WHOA.  I feel like my skin is smoother and brighter.  I’m just sad that it’s so expensive.  There’s no way I can justify buying the full size, but I loved it while it lasted.  If anyone wants to splurge on an serum, I would say this would be one to try.  And it won’t make you break out in a rash.  On your face.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend.

I’ll leave you with this. . .


Yup.  Pretty much.  One of the Pixiwoo sisters posted this on their Instagram. Cracks me up.  If you love makeup, definitely check them out.  They’re amazing. #girlcrush

<3 TKP


Miss manga. . .

Manga are comics created in Japan.  The characters have a very distinct doll-like look.  Loreal decided to use manga as an inspiration for one of its newest mascaras, Miss Manga.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m half Japanese (and not really a blonde – duh) but when I saw this, I had to have it.  Obviously.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the Loreal Voluminous mascaras in general, but this is my new favorite.

photo 1-23

I love the formula and I love the brush. It’s tapered so it’s easier to get in the inner corner of your lashes.    If you’re not a fan of volume (aka almost spider lashes) this might not be your thing.  I say – bring. it. on. It lasts all day, doesn’t flake or irritate my eyes.  Of course, I got it on sale and with a coupon so it was under $6.00. I got mine at Target, but I’ve seen it at most of the drugstores.   It retails for $7.99.  Definitely worth it.  If you need (want) a new mascara, try it.

photo 2-2

Happy Thursday! :)

<3 TKP

Friday fave and fail. . .

As I’m writing this – it’s still Friday. :) This was a short week, but it still felt like there was a lot going on.  Anyone else?


Orly  Bonder Rubberized Base Coat



I try and do my own nails, because manicures are just so expensive.  Pedicures on the other hand are a necessity.  Hands down.  I am tired of my nails constantly chipping so I am on the quest for something that will prolong the life of my manicure.  I got this at the recommendation of the lady at my local beauty supply store.  I used it  under my polish and didn’t notice any increase in the life of my polish. #fail  Maybe it was the nail polish I used.  (Coincidently, I used an Orly polish. . .) I’m a sucker and I’ll keep using it to see if it proves me wrong.   It might be good under glitter polish and dark polishes to protect your nails.  But as of now, not a fan.


NYX Natural Palette

 photo 1-20

I really like this.  For $7.00, it’s not bad.  It has a good mix of shimmery and matte shadows so you can create a variety of looks.  I do love BRIGHT eyeshadow (who doesn’t?), but this is good for everyday.  It’s a good one if you are looking to add more neutral shadows to your collection without breaking the bank.


This is the look I wore today – super natural smokey eye. Love.

Random comment of the week:

There’s nothing quite like a summer night at Dodger Stadium. . .

photo 2-16

Hope everyone had a great week.  Enjoy the weekend! xo

<3 TKP

Friday fave and fail. . .

Happy happy Friday! I have been having a lot of fun playing with my makeup this week.  My favorite is an oldie but a goodie.  My fail is not really a fail but more of a “I’m not so sure how I feel about you yet” product.  Anyway, it’s the weekend! WOO!


Estee Lauder Day Wear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer  

photo 3-5

The name is unnecessarily long.  I got this after reading several reviews and raves about how it’s perfect for the summer.  I have mixed feelings.  It’s not a tinted moisturizer.  It doesn’t provide any coverage.  When you apply it is had a grayish tint and then transforms to give you the tiniest amount of color.  The thing is, I think the color  it gives me is orange.  But, I don’t hate it.  It’s a good moisturizer and I love how it has anti-aging properties.  But you definitely need something over it.  At least I do.  It’s just one of those odd in between products that I can’t make up my mind about.


MAC Viva Glam V

photo 2-15

I’ve loved this lipstick for a long time.  I just recently rediscovered it in my collection.  It’s a perfect nude that’s the whole “your lips but better” color you know I love so much.  Plus, the money goes towards a good cause.  Every cent made on the sale of the lipstick goes to the MAC Aids Fund.  Win. Win.

Random comment of the week:

photo 1-19

I saw these at Target the other day, and really wanted them.  Too much? I would have gotten them but they only had them in size 3.  So. Sad.

Have a great weekend! <3