Bold Metals. . .

It’s no secret that I have a total girl crush on the Chapman sisters, also known as Pixiwoo.  They’re makeup artists from the UK, and they’re just amazing.  Trust me.  They’re also the nicest people ever.  Life. Complete.


Okay, I’ll stop.  Moving on to makeup brushes. The Real Techniques brushes are awesome.  They’re soft, affordable and made of synthetic hair so they’re cruelty free.  I buy them for all my friends/family.  When Sam & Nic introduced their new luxury line of brushes, Bold Metals  they went to the top of my wish list.


I saw the collection the other day at Kohl’s and had to grab them.  Not to mention, I had a coupon.  It was a no brainer.  I wanted them ALL, but finally decided on the 100 Arched Powder Brush, the 200 Oval Shadow Brush and the 201 Pointed Crease Brush. So. Excited.

These brushes are SO SO soft.  The handles are weighted so they fit perfectly in your hand and make doing your makeup a breeze. I’ve used the powder brush to apply both loose and pressed powder.  It’s great at applying both and picks up just the right amount  of product.  The eye brushes are awesome for creating any eye look and blend the shadow beautifully.  Everyone needs a fluffy eyeshadow brush in their collection.

I have accumulated a lot of brushes over the years, including some not-so-cheap ones (ahem-MAC).  These definitely compare to my more expensive, real/animal hair brushes.  They say they don’t harm animals when retrieving the hair for the brushes, but who really knows? So, if you can have brushes that are just as nice, and work just as well, why not go synthetic?  If only makeup brushes were made of cat hair – I’d be their # 1 supplier.  Gross.

If you’re a makeup artist, or just someone looking to splurge on a new set of luxury brushes, I would definitely give these a try.  If they’re a little too expensive for your taste (they range between $16 – $26 each), stick with the original Real Techniques Brushes.  They’re not quite as luxurious, but still get the job done.   Don’t forget, you can use coupons if you buy them at Kohl’s or Ulta.  I got mine for 20% off. 🙂

Hope the week is off to a great start! xo





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