Dirty hair. . .

I hate washing my hair.  I know, I’m weird.  I love how it feels after it’s freshly washed and clean, but I cannot stand drippy wet hair. It makes me uncomfortable.  Also, I hate how long it takes to blow dry, style, curl and/or straighten and make yourself presentable.  I’d rather be sleeping.  Dry shampoo = my best friend.  However, like everything else,  not all dry shampoos are created equal. Over the years, I’ve tried many (many) brands and formulas.  Some work okay, but smell like a musty old grandma (you know exactly what I’m talking about) and others just make it look like you’ve dumped a bottle of baby powder on your head. Not cute.

The best one I’ve used so far:

Living Proof: Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo


This. Stuff. Is. Amazing.  There’s a whole science behind it (yeah, no idea how it works) but it absorbs sweat AND oil, and leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh.  Let’s be honest, nothing can replace a good ole fashion shampooing, but if you’re lazy (like me) and don’t want to look like a greasy drowned rat, this might be your jam.  Shake it up, hold 6 inches or so from your head and spray in the roots. Wait a few seconds and lightly massage your scalp with your fingers (or brush) and – VOILA.  You’re good to go.  It is white at first, but disappears right away and does not leave a gray residue.

I got the small bottle to try ($12) and plan on getting the full size when it runs out.  Note: I’m not a huge fan of the scent.  It’s bearable, and definitely not offensive – but something to be aware of if you’re hypersensitive to fragrance.


Cut to the bitchy resting face.  Today is Monday.  I got my hair/roots colored and washed on Friday.  2.5 days of using dry shampoo.  Pretty good, right?  And yes – I shower everyday.  Please.  And yes – I’m wearing a cat necklace.

Happy Monday! xo



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