Hapa Haole. . .

According to Urban Dictionary, hapa haole means “anything hybrid, a mixture of western and Hawaiian influence.”  Growing up, my sister and I had t-shirts that said “hapa haole brat.” Being half Japanese, I’m definitely a hapa haole.  I’m also definitely a brat.   Not sure what this has to do with makeup, but it’s a cute story.  No? Anyway. . .

I have recently become obsessed with Daiso, the local Japanese dollar store.  Actually, everything is a $1.50.  Chopsticks. Ramen bowls. Colorful pens.  You name it, Daiso has it.  They even have makeup! Woo! Normally, dollar store makeup would scare me but being that it’s Japanese, I gave it the benefit of the doubt.


This. Stuff. Is. Awesome.  I got 4 things for $6, and I love every single item.  LOVE.  The details:

-Powder Foundation (beige)

I swear, this stuff is the same exact thing as my Shiseido power that cost last least 20x’s more.  It’s creamy, smooth and beautiful.

Jewel Eyecolor Eyeshadow

Better than most drugstore eyeshadows.  They are pigmented, bendable and not chalky at all.  AHH! Awesome.

-Princess Duo Cheek Color

The perfect color for spring/summer.  Amazing quality for $1.50.

-Eyebrow Pencil (light brown)

My favorite purchase.  The color is perfect.  The texture is perfect.  For $1.50, it’s perfect.  I have been using it on my brows everyday since I bought it.

Sometimes, you get more than what you paid for.  If there’s a Daiso around you, definitely checkout the makeup aisle and see what gems you can find.  Happy shopping!

Happy almost Friday. . .almost!! xo



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