LeMarc Liquid Lip Creme. . .

I’ll be the first to admit that I LOVE getting free stuff.  Must be the little asian grandma in me. Free makeup? That’s what dreams are made of.  When I went to the brunch hosted by MakeupGeek (see previous post) I was told that I had to (yes HAD to) sign up for the app Influenster.  I figured. . .eh.  Why not? So I gave it a try.  I’m so glad I did.  A few weeks later, this arrived at my doorstop.  WOO HOO!


I’ve been testing and trying out the liquid lipstick (in Shush, Blush) and lip liner in the shade (prim) rose. I really love the color/shade of the liquid lipstick.  It’s a really pretty mauvey (is that a word?)  pink shade.  As for the formula, I like it – well, sorta. My lips always feel quite dry after I wear it but it’s nothing that a lip exfoliator can’t cure.  It’s not a total deal breaker as most liquid lipsticks tend to be a bit drying. It’s the nature of the beast.  I have noticed that if you wear this one for hours and hours it tends to wear off in the center of the lips.  It can kinda make your lips look like a butt (hole) – yeah you know what I’m talking about.  For $28, there are a lot of other liquid lipsticks out there that I prefer.  It’s not BAD, just not my absolute favorite.


I do however LOVE LOVE the lipliner. It’s the perfect nude lip product.  Creamy & long lasting =  lipliner perfection.  My only gripe: $24 for a lipliner is a bit steep.  Granted, I didn’t pay for mine but still. . .there are a lot of other great drugstore lipliners for 1/4 of the price.


Overall, I’m SUPER happy that I tried influenster.  It’s a lot of fun to review and write about products.  Obviously, I like doing that kinda stuff.  Having free makeup delivered to your house is well, amazing.

Who else has tried influenster?  Thoughts?

Disclaimer: I received the products for free to review.  All thoughts are my own.  Other than the products, I have not received any compensation for my review . I always tell the truth.  Even when it’s the ugly truth.  Duh.  Pretty sure I used the word butthole in this blog post. 🙂


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