Naked v. Nude

I’m a sucker for drugstore makeup.  Sometimes it can be frustrating because it’s hit or miss.   It’s also annoying that you can’t try things out before you buy them.  When you are able to find a gem, it’s that much more exciting.  Oh hello, La Nude Palette 2.


There’s also La Nude 1, but #2 was calling my name.  It’s obviously a take on the Urban Decay Naked palette.  Annd, I love it. The Naked Palette is $54. La Nude 2 was $19.99,  but I had a coupon (duh), so it was $14.00.  Winning.


If I’m being honest, I do love the original Naked Palette. (There’s also Naked 2 and 3, which I don’t have. . .) The colors are so creamy, pigmented and go on like butter. You really can create any neutral/smokey eye look.  But, if you’re normal and don’t want to spend $54 on eyeshadow, La Nude 2 is a great alternative.  The colors are so pretty, and definitely not chalky or cheap feeling.  The verdict: If you’re looking for a neutral palette, this might be your new best friend.



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