Sunday Brunch & Blue Lipstick. . .

So I don’t want to brag, or jinx myself in anyway, but I have been known to have a bit of a lucky streak.  This isn’t the first time I’ve written about my random “talent.” I have a knack for winning giveaways, contests, and raffles.  And I know, there’s zero talent involved.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Marlena Stell, the CEO and founder of MakeupGeek Cosmetics.  A few months ago when I saw that she was having a charity raffle and the prize an intimate brunch with her in LA, I entered.  And won. WOOT.  All the proceeds went to Batten disease research, a cause near and dear to Marlena’s heart. Makeup + a good cause = I’m in!


The brunch was at POP Champagne Bar in Pasadena, CA.  The venue was beautiful.  I’d like to say I took tons of pictures of the food, the décor, etc.  Nope.  I just took lots of pictures of the makeup and the goodie bags we were given.  We were given a bag with the new makeupgeek plush liquid lipsticks.  I couldn’t have been more excited. We received them before they launched, which is even more exciting. (They’ve since launched and are available on their website. . .) They come in a plush matte and a plush crème formula. We were given a few different colors including: Wild Child (blue – matte), Jetsetter (nude – creme), Cougar (pink – matte) and Trophy Wife (red – crème).


My thoughts: I love the plush crème formula.  It’s creamy, comfortable on the lips, and long lasting. They remove easily with a makeup wipe.  The funny thing is, my favorite color out of all them is Wild Child, which is matte BLUE.  I LOVE blue lipstick.  Okay, I know I’m weird.  But I absolutely love it.  I wore the Wild Child all day last weekend at work (don’t tell MAC that I was wearing a makeup geek lipstick. ha)  and got a TON of compliments.


If you’re looking to try a new liquid lipstick, I would definitely give these a try now that they’ve launched.  If you want to look like you made out with a smurf, then Wild Child is the one to go with.

The lipsticks were given to us as a gift for attending the event.  However, all opinions/reviews are my own and honest.  Duh.

Thank you, Marlena for the beautiful brunch and goodies.




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  1. Christine Carver

    Congratulations on winning the contest Tara. Looking like you made out with a smurf sounds like fun😀


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