Whirl & Soar. . .

I’m late to the party.  Again.  But for months, every time I work at MAC (literally EVERY TIME) numerous people come in and ask for the Kylie Jenner lip pencils: Whirl and/or Soar.  People are obsessed with her signature lip look.  While sometimes their popularity make me question the future of humanity – I finally gave in and got them for myself.  Obviously.  (Most MAC locations near me have been sold out for months. . .)



They’re very similar, but oh so different.  Both create the ever so popular “your lips but better” look.  Soar is more of a pinky tone, while Whirl is more on the brown/mauve side.


Whirl on the top. Soar on the bottom.

First of all, getting good pictures of your lips is a lot harder than it looks.  Also, I might have discovered that I have a mustache.   The plan was to take some full face pictures wearing the lipliners.  Taking pictures of yourself  is just so ridiculous sometimes.  I gave up on trying to take the perfect picture. Sooo, here I am on a typical weeknight – sitting on the couch with my computer, my cat and lots of lipliner. 🙂





Both of these can be paired with any nude lipstick.  I’ve been wearing them alone with a bit of gloss.  The verdict: I love these.  They’re perfect for everyday and you don’t need to use anything else with them which makes your life easier. You probably don’t need both.  If I had to pick one, it would be Soar.  It’s just so pretty!  If  you are looking for the perfect nude lip, (and if you can find these) definitely give them a try.



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