Wicked. . .

I’m not talking about the musical.  I’m talking about the NYX Wicked Lippie Lipsticks.

In January (I know, I’m a little late) I went to the NYX Unveiled party.  It was amazing. The best part of the party however was the gift bag. OMG.  It had more makeup than you could ever want.  It had EVERYTHING.  A makeup junkie’s dream come true.

Wicked 1

I can’t possibly talk about everything at once.  Bright lipstick is really popular and on trend at the moment.  I figured I’d start with that.  There are 12 colors total.

1) Betrayal 2) Scandalous 3) Trickery 4) Wrath 5) Sinful 6) Stone Cold 7) Immortal 8) Mischievous 9) Risque 10) Power 11) Cold Hearted and 12) Envy


These are not every day colors.  Obviously.  They’re SUPER bright and metallic.  They’re fun.  If you are a makeup artist these would be a good thing to have.  At $6 each, they won’t break the bank.  The most wearable color is Power – the lighter purple shade.  You could almost get away with wearing it on a normal day.  Almost.  They’re very creamy and moisturizing.  Some of the colors are not as opaque as the others (Envy is SUPER pigmented), but overall the color payoff is amazing.


If you’re looking for a bright metallic lipstick, definitely give these a try.  I personally don’t think I can pull off metallic purple. Actually, I know I can’t.  If you can – DO it.


I sent my sister some of the pictures of me wearing the lipsticks.  Her response: “Did you makeout with a smurf?” Enough said.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! It’s almost Friday!



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