You get what you pay for. . .

Most of the time.  But SOMETIMES, especially with makeup, you can find some really great products that are SUPER affordable.  Can you tell I’m EXCITED? Okay, I’ll stop with the CAPS. 🙂


E.l.f. Cosmetics has always been on my radar as a super affordable brand (when I say affordable, I mean like – dirt cheap)  with surprisingly good products.  Their products can sometimes be hit or miss.  But when you’re only spending between $1 – $3 per product, you don’t feel that bad if the product is a dud.   My one and only Black Friday purchase this past year was the e.l.f. perfect pout lip set.  It’s normally $10, but was on sale for $8.  Score.  It came with 3 lip glosses (Brian, Brett and Luke) and 2 lip balm tints. 5 products for under $10.  You can’t really beat it.  The lip balm tints are not my favorite.  They have no real color, and don’t seem to be that moisturizing. They would be perfect for a pre-teen or teenager who is just getting into makeup.  They’re not bad, just not that exciting.


from left to right: Brian, Brett & Luke

The EX-tra lip glosses however: O.M.G.  I love these so much.  They are extremely pigmented, smooth, creamy and just A-MA-ZING.  I’m in love.  They’re not super sticky (sticky is so annoying!) and feel great on your lips.  You can buy them individually for $2.  TWO DOLLARS.   I’ve seen them at Target and CVS, and you can also order online. Today the weather was crap and I was having a bad hair day.  My lipgloss however, (Brett) was super pretty and that made me happy.  It’s the little things.


Has anyone tried these? What are your favorite e.l.f. products?

Happy Monday! xo

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