An afternoon with Rita Hazan. . .

Rita Hazan, celebrity hair stylist and New York native, is considered one the all time greats when it comes to hair styles and color.  Her knowledge and expertise led her to start her own consumer line of hair care products geared specifically towards those with colored hair.  Her philosophy: “Live your life – we have the products to worry about your hair. “I was recently given the opportunity to meet Rita and attend one of her events here in Los Angeles.  I couldn’t have been more excited.  You had me at “she’s colored Beyonce’s hair.”  Upon meeting her I instantly felt at ease with her warm personality and distinct New York accent.  She told me she was in LA to work on a client, and decided to throw an event to showcase her products while she on the west coast.   I myself was quiet embarrassed at the fact that it had been some time since I had gotten my hair done and had visible gray hairs.  ::SIGH::  She immediately whipped out a can of her Root Concealer Touch Up Spray in Light Brown, sprayed it on my head  and VOILA! No more gray hairs.  It was amazing.  She went on to explain that’s the exact reason she had developed the product. Going to the salon constantly is time consuming and costly.  Many of her clients wanted a quick solution to help them get through in between salon visits. She made sure to tell me that the product itself doesn’t come out or fade.  You can sweat, swim, etc. and it will be there until your next shampoo.  SOLD.  She also let me in on a little secret: men love it too.  She went on to take me through her line of products explaining how to use each one.  When referring to her Weekly Remedy Treatment she said “This will change your life.  Trust me.  It’s amazing.” All of her products were developed not only to be effective but practical.  Let’s be real, no one wants to towel dry their hair in the shower, put a mask on, wait 20 minutes and then get back in and rinse it out.  Rita’s products are designed to put  on and immediately rinse out.  I like her style.  Maybe it’s just me, but products designed by artists are always my favorite.  Because it’s their job, their craft, they know what’s lacking in the market, what consumers want, and go on to create it themselves.  That’s exactly what Rita did with her line.  From shampoo, to gloss, to split end remedy all of her products are user friendly and achieve their purpose: to let you live your life, and not have to worry about your hair.I have been trying her products since the event, and I have to say they are as good as she claims. I’m hooked. My hair has never felt and looked better. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments, which is always a plus. And from far away, I can almost convince myself I look like Beyoncé. Almost.

Disclaimer: All products were provided to me for review purposes.  However, all opinions are my own, and honest. Duh.  

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