Beauty, Cruelty-Free and BOYS

Los Angeles, CA – This weekend, hundreds of girls (and boys!) along
with the world’s top beauty gurus and influencers, flocked to downtown
Los Angeles to attend Generation Beauty.  What is Generation Beauty?
“Gen Beauty” as it’s referred to, is a beauty convention hosted by
Ipsy, the world’s largest online beauty community.  Ipsy was founded
by Michelle Phan, a beauty guru in her own right, who has over 1.2
BILLION (yes, BILLION) views on Youtube.  Gen Beauty is essentially a
forum for everyone who shares a common love of makeup and all things
beauty to come together as a community.  Think: GIANT makeup party.
There was music, a lounge area, and most importantly, WIFI.
Exhibitors included many of the top makeup brands like Clinique,
Tarte, Smashbox, Make Up Forever, NYX, Benefit Cosmetics, Colourpop
and many (many many) more.  Each brand hosted giveaways (free stuff!)
and meet and greets with influencers like NikkieTutorials, Tati
Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru), Patrick Starr, and Laura Lee to name a few.

After checking in, waiting in a large line (which to their credit, did
go quickly given the amount of people), and going through security,
each attendee was given a goodie bag FILLED (and I mean filled) with
products from each of the brands who had a presence at Gen Beauty.
Each person was also given a tear off sheet with tickets to encourage
a visit to each booth and to score more free swag.

At this year’s Gen Beauty, it was clear that there was an emphasis on
environmentally conscious and responsible products.  Brands like Artic
Fox, whose company features vegan and cruelty free hair color, were
present.  I had the opportunity to meet with Kristen Leanne, the
Founder and Creative Director.  We chatted about the rise in
popularity of colored hair (hello, purple) and how important it was to
her and her husband (and co-founder) that their products were vegan
and not tested on animals.  She was understandably excited about their
brand’s rising success.  She also the best blue hair I saw that day.
Pacifica, another brand that features 100% vegan and cruelty free
products, also had a presence and like most brands, a long line
outside their booth.

Another important theme this year, was the obvious sense of
inclusiveness.  One thing was clear:  makeup is not just for girls.
With Maybelline and Cover Girl recently announcing their first male
ambassadors, Manny Gutierrez and James Charles, many other brands are
quickly jumping on board.  Benefit Cosmetics featured the hashtag
“#beneboys.” Patrick Starr was the prominent face of NYX Cosmetics and
had a meet and greet at the Clinique booth.  Attendees included men
and boys of all ages, with and without makeup.

As a fellow makeup and beauty lover (let’s be real, I’m OBSESSED), Gen
Beauty was the event of my dreams.  Who doesn’t want to be around
people with a common passion AND bring home tons of products?  The
event was extremely organized and everything seemed to go smoothly.
While there were long lines, it never felt out of control or chaotic.
There was just SO much to see.  I definitely understand why it is a
two day event.  If you share a love for social media, wanted chance to
meet your favorite beauty influencers, and receive hundreds of
dollars’ worth of makeup, then this was definitely the event for you.
Ultimately, my favorite part was the underlying message.  According to
their website, Ipsy comes from the Latin word ipse, which means “sense
of self.”  The purpose of the weekend, was to celebrate beauty,
whatever that means to you.  #nojudgment

Generation Beauty represents so much more than makeup.   It gave
people an opportunity to come together, acknowledge that beauty isn’t
just about what you look like, and comes in all forms, shapes, sizes
and genders.  Now that’s something to celebrate.

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